A dream comes true. Too bad it was a nightmare.

drawing, job

As a non-native speaker, I sometimes wonder how the Englishmen came out with the idioms. I am not familiar with all of them, since what I wrote were usually technical papers and the language in such papers are very straightforward, nearly boring. My instructor in English scientific writing class mentioned that the style in scientific papers used to be more elegant, but since nowadays the scientific papers are also read by people coming from places where English are rarely used, the language should be simplified. Hence, the boring style.

(How I miss writing the boring technical papers!)

My boss has decided that I am not suitable for the job I am doing and my temporary contract will not be prolonged. The idiom of today is therefore: being laid-off. I was aware of this (that I am not suited for this job), plus I felt terrible at my job, so this was not something that came out of the blue (hey, another idiom!). But it still sucked to hear his criticism over my work. On the other hand, I did not get the job I applied for since there was someone else with a better background knowledge. Probably he/she has studied organic chemistry. These two less-than-nice news came at two consecutive days. It was heavy. Luckily I was already planning to go to a music festival, so at the festival I was dancing and jumping and screaming and crying.

Good news: I am free from the job I don’t like.

Bad news: I will be unemployed. My pride is hurt.

(I am very, very, VERY lucky that at the moment money is not really a problem. Lrrr* works and I can live with less.)

I have enough plans to occupy myself if I am unemployed between jobs next month, while looking for another job. Like making pictures. If you like to make water color/oil paint pictures then you must have noticed how much time it takes to make even a small painting.

Upon painting and uploading, I have made some decisions:

– I am not going to scan picture. I will photograph them with my iPhone.

– I will also upload my pictures to instagram, using the same name as this blog.

– I will use Photoscape to lightly retouch the pictures.

Enough important decisions for the time being. Weeks ago we went to the annual barbecue of our dear friend Eddy, who lives in a large farm. He plants Christmas trees, prunes, sunflowers, among others. I took many pictures with my iPhone with the thought to draw pictures from them.

Here is one:



I uploaded this to instagram, and I received two likes. Impressive, huh? I am now busy with another painting, a painting about the city I am living now. It is a landscape picture, and it is much more difficult than a detailed picture.

I will leave now and search the jobs-websites. See you next time soon!

*Lrrr is how I call my husband, since he has a new jogging pants with “L” and “R” printed on the left and right legs, and because we both love Futurama. And as he is Lrrr, my other name is now Ndnd.


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