Next step


I need to move on – my work contract will be ending soon. The logic step is to ask whether they would like to give me a permanent contract, otherwise I have to contact my “real” boss – the job agency.

This is not nice. I have to ask if they want to give me a contract, while deep in my heart I don’t want to work there forever. The truth is I will leave if I managed to get a job in research. The confrontation about what should be the best option at the moment, and the realization of my own desire, weighs my heart. It feels like lying.

I need to do this within two days.

Update: The “lying” part turns out to be unnecessary. The place I am working now does not want to give me a contract, the main reason being that I am not suitable to the job I was intended to do. So now I can contact the job agency and say that, well, I would like to have a fixed contract with them. Not an ideal situation, but leaving the job agency would be less difficult as I will not see them everyday, and they are not going to invest that much on me.

On a better side, in two days I am going to have an interview, for an interesting job. I spread the prayers to the universe, and asking for them to be at my side. Which I believe they will, as the universe will give positive response to a positive request.

And my request is: Please let my career be the same as my calling. Let me have a job that will let my heart burst with passion, where every minute of hard work is not a minute of spoiling energy, but a minute closer to my goal. My goal is the creation of a better, greener, more sustainable world.

I end that with an amen.



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